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How to Achieve Abundance Through Discovering Your LIFE PURPOSE
Using My Proprietary 
3 Steps Framework
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Are You Unsure If You Are In The Right Place?

Struggle 1
What is the meaning of our work versus our purpose?

struggle 2
Is your career suitable for you or should you be adjusting yourself to be suitable for your career?

Struggle 3
How important is money in your pursuit of happiness?

We get it...

We often times feel lost, unsure and whether where we are at is where we should be.

We wonder to ourselves...

Is this all life has to offer?
Is this how I should live my life?

We're sure that you've asked yourself these questions many times.

So have we.

However, we have decided that at the core of it all,
we don't want to live a life, full of regrets.

And that's been our mission and motivation.

Join us and find out more about the
3 Step Framework to live Life Without Regrets

About Your Host
Eugene Seah
abundance life coach
founder of trainium academy

Eugene Seah is an abundance life coach with many expertise, including mindset transformation, personal branding, stakeholder persuasion and wealth strategy. 

He believes conventional brand specialization is an outdated concept to be replaced with brand ecosystems featuring many business interests synergizing with each other. 

Leveraging on his unique "Superbrand Me" methods, he has been featured many times on newspapers, radio and TV, as well as speaking around the world about abundance and future-readiness. 

He volunteers in many non-profits and believes in spreading abundance to every person and organisation. 

What People Say About Eugene
Janice toh
It has been 5 months since I joined Eugene’s Life Without Regret coaching program. Eugene is a very dedicated coach and friend. I am very blessed to be coached and mentored by him in areas of mindset mastery and financial planning.

To be honest, years back, I would have given up after the first session and may go ‘missing in action’ if I felt ‘fear’ of being asked questions that I cannot answer. 

 After attending 5 months of coaching, I am not afraid of being asked questions although sometimes my answers may not be correct or relevant.  And I felt I have a breakthrough this time, maybe I am determined to succeed in the future! 

 Thank you Eugene, it’s a blessing to be on your coaching team!
Patrick SZE
Eugene Seah is my life coach for about 1 year. 

He shared and provided many valuable and practical advice for multiple aspects such as career, family, entrepreneurship, etc. Importantly he helps me to navigate our life purpose, installing a positive mindset and clarity in us with I think is the most important.

 I consider him a friend and someone I can seek assistance with when I stumble upon a roadblock.

 I highly recommend him to any corporates or individuals for his coaching.
yannie yong
Eugene starts us by envisioning our journey and what success means. He is very focused on helping us achieve abundance and success. He has a system set in place, asking us questions to verbalize our vision, He skillfully asks questions and waits for our responses. He listens like a doctor and sniffs out the purposed that with have in-built in us.

Eugene shared a story about Wesley, on how he impacted his daily income from $20 (selling tissues) to achieving $200,000 (selling books)

This got me thinking about what true success means. Eugene shares with us that when we achieve financial success, we must help the marginalized or less privileged. Personally, success can be a challenge that you set yourself to achieve. This is my journey of self-discovery.
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