Let’s immediately start achieving your 2021 goals and life mission! 

Through this monthly coaching journey with me, you will:
  • ✔Be personally coached by me (I’ll guide you along, encourage you and kick your butt to stop procrastinating)
  • ​✔Learn my tried and tested techniques and assignments to expedite your success
  • ​✔Mastermind with a group of like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs and learn from each other’s successes and failures 
  • ​✔Acquire and apply my powerful skills and strategies on personal branding, negotiation, persuasion, influence, sales, personality profiling, networking, social media marketing, copywriting, business modelling, tribe building, public speaking, and many more! (Essentially I will share with you EVERYTHING I know that can help you succeed.)

Here's how it is going to work...

This is what you should expect:
  • ✔Every fortnight we have a 1 hour live coaching session via the Zoom video app
  • ✔Before and during the coaching sessions, I will ask you powerful questions about your progress,
  • and share practical strategies that are customised to address your goals and struggles
  • ✔I will focus on the 2 key success elements in every coaching session:
  • 1) your mindset (to unlock what you believe about yourself)
  • 2) your personal brand (to transform what others believe about you)

Here are some of my clients...

Michael Cheah
Business Coach and Consultant

“We do not know, what we do not know until we probe, ask and explore the possibilities in meeting life challenges, acquire new skills and profoundly capable in navigating our life purpose to ultimate success” 
Thank you Life Without Regrets for the valuable insights!

Yannie Yong

Yannie Yong
Business Owner and Award Winning Fashion Designer

Can’t believe that the month has flown by. It seems only yesterday I was on boarded on this coaching program.

Eugene starts us with envisioning our journey and what success means. He is very focus on helping us achieve abundance and success. He has a system set in place, asking us questions to verbalise our vision. He skilfully asks questions and waits for our responses. He listens like a doctor, and sniffs out the purposes that we have in-build in us.

What is actually stopping us in achieving the success? Many a times, we set very Low minimum denominator.. and the road to achieve financial freedom will take too Long. Eugene shares a story on Wesley on how he impacted his daily income from $20 (selling tissues) to achieving $200,000.(selling books)

This starts me thinking, on what true success really means. Eugene shares with us that when we achieve financial success, we must help the marginalised or less privileged. Personally, success can be a challenge that you set yourself to achieve. This is my own journey of personal discovery

Yannie Yong

Michelle Pinkster

It’s been an inspiring and great journey where I have had the honour to learn from Eugene’s experiences first hand as he has been sharing all his failures & successes and how he learned from them with us.

He is a very inspiring and energizing coach with a great personal approach, he gives me the right tools (access to self made video’s) and coaching tips on how I could work better on marketing my idea and improve my skills to bring my new business idea into full tuition!

Looking forward to the next few months to come with more sharing knowledge sessions and taking action to bring the ideas and tips into reality!

Jennice Ong,
HR practioner And Mother Of 2

"I have been fortunate to meet Eugene during a corporate training where he has inspired and brought about positive vibes to many, and also signed up to be coached by him. 

He's very generous and open in his sharing of knowledge, experience and wisdom, and he inspires others by walking the talk. You'll not have a dull moment talking to him and you're guaranteed to walk away learning something. 

Thank you Eugene for all your words of wisdom and encouragement, you've made a meaningful difference in my life!"

Samantha Tang
Psychologist at Inspire Psychology

I was coached by Eugene in the Life Without Regrets programme. I really like the practical and easy to apply strategies which can be more useful than those discussed in counselling sessions. I especially appreciate his openness to sharing about his experiences and journey. 

Together with his branding skills, it helps me in the learning process. I enjoy the interactive exchanges in the coaching group and support network created. I’m beginning to see positive changes in my life and I strongly believe his coaching can help anyone to gain clarity in their life and business.

Your investment?

My clients pay me US$2,997 per month to coach them 1-on-1... 

Before you make this commitment, you can first join this group coaching programme for A YEAR at only US$4,997!
or US$500 per month!

Here's a preview of some of the videos in my Success Strategies Library...

Programming Your Mind
★Module 1: Creating a mindset of flow through NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
★Module 2: Clarifying your goals, mission and irresistible brand positioning

Perception Mastery
★Module 3: Online perception building (eg. social media marketing)
★Module 4: Offline perception building (eg. how you introduce yourself, networking, etc)
★Module 5: Multiplying your opportunities through the power of public speaking
★Module 6: Writing highly persuasive posts, articles and messages
Profit System
★Module 7: How to continuously influence, persuade and negotiate effectively
★Module 8: How to build an ecosystem that provides multiple income streams
★Module 9: Leveraging on your brand through highly engaging videos
★Module 10: Optimizing your creativity and imagination to create endless ways to overcome adversities and to create abundance

And many many more modules to come...

Life is too short to keep waiting. If you don’t take action now, then when? 
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$500 per month
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Dear Friend,

Because I have applied these strategies on myself and my clients and witnessed success, I’m super confident that it works for you too. Due to this our 100% success policy will allow you to extend the program indefinitely free of charge should you feel like you have yet to achieve your goals by that time.

It’s clearly not a coincidence that you are now reading this page. Something led you here. 

You are looking for a change. You are looking for a sense of achievement and fulfilment. You want a better career and improved business.

And my mission is to help you achieve your goals in the next 12 months!

Say Yes To Abundance,
Eugene Seah
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